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IntraLase: State-of-the-art Blade-Free LASIK for Improved Vision

At The Eye Clinic of North Dakota, our ophthalmologists are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art vision correction treatments and providing outstanding patient care to help patients achieve the clearest vision possible. We are proud to offer the IntraLase procedure using the IntraLase® laser for a completely blade-free LASIK vision correction experience.

Introducing IntraLase: A Bladeless LASIK Experience

IntraLASIK is 100 percent blade-free LASIK vision correction surgery. During conventional LASIK surgery, a microkeratome blade is used to create a corneal flap. However, during the IntraLASIK procedure, the microkeratome blade is replaced with the sophisticated IntraLase® laser. IntraLase allows patients who wish to receive LASIK treatment but who have fears of "going under the blade" the chance to have an all-laser LASIK experience.

Advanced IntraLase® Laser Technology

The IntraLase® laser is a revolutionary tool that has successfully helped more than one million people see their world more clearly since its approval by the FDA in 2001. Its micron-level accuracy delivers more precise results, which is critical to a successful LASIK procedure. The computer-guided IntraLase® laser takes the guesswork out of the LASIK procedure by creating a corneal flap that is 100 times more accurate and consistent, instead of the uneven flaps and abnormal corneal surfaces that can be created by the microkeratome blade. Because of this, laser eye surgery becomes safer and better customized to each patient, enabling our surgeons to maintain complete control during the procedure.

The IntraLase Method™

During the IntraLase procedure, the computer-controlled IntraLase® laser is used to create a precise corneal flap as well as an optimally-prepared corneal bed for excimer laser vision correction. The flap is created through an "inside-out" process: the laser beam is directed to a point within the cornea where it creates thousands of microscopic bubbles that link together to create a flap of exact diameter, depth, shape, and hinge location. The IntraLase Method™ takes approximately 13 seconds. Once the flap is created, our surgeon uses the laser to reshape the cornea. Finally, the flap is replaced and bonds on its own in a matter of seconds. Patients are able to see a marked improvement in vision almost immediately after surgery.

Find Out How You Can Benefit from IntraLase Surgery

Advanced IntraLase surgery is an exceptional procedure that can help you achieve the clearest vision possible. To schedule an initial consultation for IntraLase with our ophthalmologist, please contact The Eye Clinic of North Dakota today. We offer a variety of financing options to help make our revolutionary vision correction treatments more affordable.

Monte J. Leidenix, M.D., F.A.C.S.

  An experienced ophthalmologist who provides patients with the most modern cataract surgery techniques and technology. Many patients have turned to him for their vision correction needs.

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Tom S. Hansted, O.D.

Tom S. Hansted, O.D.Provides vision correction examinations for patients who are in need of contact lenses, glasses, and other special vision devices. He also has experience in treating a full range of eye conditions and diseases.

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Steven J. Towle, O.D.

Steven J. Towle, O.D.An outstanding optometrist who provides exceptional pre- and post-operative care to all of our vision correction patients. He is also experienced in diagnosing a variety of eye diseases and conditions.

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